On Yoga and Eucharist

This last week I had the rare opportunity to attend the Holy Eucharist three times. My dear friend, The Very Reverend Cynthia Briggs Kittredge, became Dean and President of a Seminary, and during my visit to the festive occasion I had two opportunities to participate, and alas, this morning-makes three. In my early Catholic upbringing, we “counted” even communion at a wedding as “counting” toward the “credit” of mass. Were we ever missing the point. The grace of the occasion, however subtle (or in the instance of Cynthia’s installation ceremony- grand), is a gift. It is a moment of predictable words, and silences, of prayers and offerings, music and community. It is Holy Communion. I also had the lovely opportunity to practice yoga four times this week.pink prayer table





These beautiful experiences are subtle, quietly devout, and personal. They can not really be put to words, but a best as I can describe-they both offer the most exquisite balance of giving and receiving, offering and accepting. It is the joining of selves in a group, all from our own agendas, troubles, joys, and hopes. We arrive, we place our hands together, and pray with our bodies and our souls.

It was a once in a lifetime experience to be with Cynthia as she became President and Dean of the Seminary of the Southwest, with the pomp and circumstance that it deserved. I was moved beyond words.

It also was a once in a lifetime experience to be in Austin, Texas-on a 100 degree morning with Cathy George in a yoga class, on the morning of this festive occasion. Praying and twisting our bodies in joy for a friend, hands in prayer-namaste.

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